Love, relationships

Camels BackĀ 

I wrote this poem months ago and lost it in my notes. What good is art if you don’t allow anyone to see it. & so I share:

I can not love again
I have nothing to give 

I’m constantly asking god

Why love is important to live 

I once loved a man so strong 

It broke the camels back 

I know my love was unbearable and I have to deal with that

Now my heart Has closed down and the love can no longer form

That’s when I deal with inquisitive minds who question what went wrong 

I can not love again 

I can not bear the pain 

To see your smile to feel your touch 

It hurts to hear your name 

And when this dark cloud passes 

I pray I don’t forget 

The scars that love has left me should never be dismissed 

So here I stand heart in my hand 

Trying to soothe my thoughts 

Facing my realities and confronting all my fears

Fleeing from love with hopes of never ending up here

See I once loved a man so strong 

It broke the camels back

And since my love is unbearable I have to face that fact