God, Persistence, Strength


“There can be no rainbow without a cloud and a storm” J.H. Vincent

In life is it fair to expect the best and nothing less? Is it appropriate to assume that life should be easy and stress free? The bible says that the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy but that God wants you to have a happy fulfilling life. Why is it then, that I have found since I have decided to change my life to become a woman of God I have had more turmoil and issues in my life? I have faced numerous attacks and have even experienced attacks on my children.

What I am in the process of mastering is the reality that there can be no rainbows without the clouds and storms. Without the storms we would not truly appreciate the rainbow that comes after. With God on my side I have now become an enemy to the devil, a target for him to try to manipulate back into worldly things. Like Jesus I too will be tested and I need to be prepared for these trails and tribulations. Knowing God is knowing that you have the victory and keeping faith through the midst of the struggle that this too shall past.

I love rainbows and therefore I must embrace the moments that make the rainbows remarkable. I too am like a rainbow perfectly flawed and I am the result of all things that were made perfect through God. Without my many obstacles my story would be bland. Without my shadowy past my future wouldn’t be so bright. We must learn to endure all and in the process member that with God on our side every thing that seems so wrong will be used to glorify his name.

I encourage you all to look at the clouds with enthusiasm knowing as they past the rainbow will become clearer. Live life truly enjoying each moment and taking time to learn each lesson so that we have no need to repeat our mistakes.


Dear God;

Thank you for waking me up for another amazing day to glorify your name. Thank you God for your many promises and thank you for giving us strength to endure all of the obstacles in our way. God without you we are nothing, I humbly ask you to help me to see the silver lining in each cloud. Help me to face each storm with the faith that it will make us stronger and bring us closer to you. You are amazing God. Thank you for your mercy.