Relationship Status

Hello beautiful world. This blog is a goal of mine which is a work in progress. Writing every day inspires me but finding the time to do so is often difficult. In order to encourage myself to write daily and to ensure that I have interesting topics to write about, I decided to take a ninety day blog challenge. This here is day one!

Topic: Relationship Status

I am currently in a relationship. I have been in this relationship for about a year and a half. My “boyfriend” is an amazing guy who has so much potential. He makes me laugh, he is extremely handsome. The best part about our relationship is that we have a lot of qualities in common. I feel so lucky to have someone in my life that I could honestly say is a true friend. I love our friendship. Often times I worry if our relationship would work out in the long run but I never doubt if our friendship would last.

Pros: Makes me laugh, handsome, great foundation of friendship, share some of the same dreams and goals, we both love each other, we both want the relationship to work

Cons: he’s not easily motivated, talks more than acts, battles of issues of infidelity, manipulative, hes not financially responsible

As you can see the pro’s are great but the cons are major deal breakers, if I choose to let them be. My goal is to stay in my relationship and to try to make it work. I have faith that God works miracles. In my previous relationship I was engaged and we lived together.¬†From the outside looking in my relationship appeared to be stable but truly I was miserable. Now with my current relationship, it appears to be unstable. Most of my family and friends comment that we are unevenly yoked. This fact may be true but we are both willing to make the changes necessary to make it work.

On thing I admire about my relationship is that it has exposed flaws in me that I never knew existed. My partner inspires me to become a better woman daily. If we end up separating tomorrow there is a wealth of experiences that I can say I have benefited from while being with him. I pray that if it is in God’s will for us to be together that we will.